Engelwood Fun Center Arcade

Our ticket redemption arcade features more than 40 of the best games, with gameplay starting at only one point.  Test your skills at Skee-Ball, Big Bass Wheel, Deal or No Deal, and more! Win tickets and redeem them at our prize center, which is one of the largest in the area!

We feature prizes for all ages including candy, televisions, huge stuffed animals, gaming consoles, and more!

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Classic Arcade Games

The Englewood Fun Center has a number of Arcade Classics in our location.  We have physical activity games like Skee Ball and Pop-a-Shot, as well as modernized versions of games like Space Invaders.  We also like to get in on new release games when they come out and set for you to challenge.

Periodically through the year we will have "tournament" challenges to see how well you do in competition.  When these happen, we'll announce them in location as well as website and social media.

Redeem Tickets for PRIZES

Who doesn't like to play a Skee Ball game and receive TICKETS you can redeem for prizes.  a majority of our games can be played to receive tickets.  Lots of tickets that can be redeemed at our location for ridiculously awesome prizes.

Ticket amounts change as well as redemption needed.  Tickets can be redeemed at any time

Earn More Fun with Rewards!

Playing games with no rewards = no fun, right?  Not the case here.  Englewood Fun Center is pleased to be testing a new loyalty program that will reward you for being out guest!  There are any number of ways that you can build points:

  • Simply visit our website while you are at our location.
  • Check in on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc...
  • Write a review on Google, Yelp, or other.
  • Play games and redeem your tickets for Rewards Points (you can still redeem for prizes)
  • At-Location purchases
  • Daily, weekly, monthly, etc... challenges
  • Answer trivia questions
  • Many, many, many other ways! (always subject to change)

At certain point redemption levels, you may be able to redeem

  • A round in the Battings Cages
  • Gift Cards
  • Other surprises!

Click here to be taken to our new Rewards page!